Cancellation Policy

FeeOnTime reserves the exclusive right to suspend, refuse, terminate or cancel any transaction / order / fees / service / product / charges paid or bought through FeeOnTime if it believes, in its sole and absolute discretion that you have breached any of the Terms or have not complied with respective policies. In the case of cancellation the user would get the amount of fees / transaction amount / order amount paid through FeeOnTime as decided by the respective institute / service partner / affiliate / merchandise partner, however in no circumstances the convenience fees and the applicable tax would be refunded.


(a) The partner institution can cancel the fees paid through FeeOnTime with or without informing the payer as per their respective policies.

(b) The onus of filling the correct personal details and correct beneficiary details like Beneficiary name, Beneficiary account number and IFSC code of the respective institution for fee payment is on the payer/user. If the personal details or any beneficiary details of the respective institution filled by the payer/user is incorrect or are partially correct, FeeOnTime has the right to cancel the payment with or without the consent of the institute/payer/user. FeeOnTime shall not be responsible for any disputes, liability or damages arising due to the transfer / cancellation / refund of fee payment due to incorrect details filled by the payer/user through FeeOnTime. The onus is on the payer/user for the said transfer / cancellation / refund to incorrect bank account.  

(c) If the payer wants to cancel the fees paid / service or product ordered through FeeOnTime, they have to contact FeeOnTime at immediately within 4 hours of making the payment / order through the platform.

(d) In case FeeOnTime has already settled the amount to the institution for which the payment is made, the cancellation would take place as per the policies and the terms and conditions of the respective institution.

(e) In case the payer/user cancels the fees paid / service or product ordered through FeeOnTime, the cancellation charges or logistic charges, if any, shall be borne by the payer/user.